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Recreational Cooking Classes on the Maine Coast

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Salt Water Farm is a recreational cooking school and farm located on the coast in Lincolnville, Maine.  It was founded on the principle that life is celebrated around the table, with plates of nourishing food and good friends.  The business is family-owned and operated on an old sheep farm that looks over the Penobscot Bay.

Our cooking classes explore fundamental skills in the kitchen and in our gardens, emphasizing the pleasure that comes from harvesting food from your own backyard.  Our focus is to honor traditional methods of cooking, from baking a loaf of naturally leavened bread, to making the perfect blueberry pie, to putting up fruits and vegetables for winter.  We guide students through simple knife and butchery techniques, cooking over a wood fire, and foraging for wild edibles along Maine’s rich seashore.  All of our classes end in a communal feast around our farmhouse table.

The cooking school resides in an antique post & beam barn at the foot of the Camden Hills.  The kitchen is fully equipped with a wood-burning brick oven, an open hearth for spit roasting and state-of-the-art appliances.  An outdoor kitchen provides a wood burning grill, lobster burners, and a smoker for meat and fish. A cascading vegetable garden with more than 100 seed varieties runs through the fields, providing stock for the kitchen. A chicken coup beside the barn houses 12 laying hens, and beside it is a bee hive, laden with honey.

The space is designed around the concept of a summer kitchen.  Native to the North, these kitchens are set away from the house, near the garden. They are a place where vegetables are gathered on tabletops, summer berries are preserved for the fruitless months of winter, loaves of bread are baked and set to rest, fish are filleted and smoked, tomatoes are left to warm in the sun, and where a chef is free to cook as he or she pleases, undisturbed.

**Note: The Farm is not open to the public. For a visit, please make an appointment by emailing info@saltwaterfarm.com**




Raised in Milwaukee, Annemarie spent her childhood summers in Maine at her family’s blueberry farm on Blinn Hill in the town of Dresden, where she and her cousins spent days picking blueberries and building forts in the woods.After attending Colorado College, her interest in food developed while living in Aix-en-Provence, where she studied Provincial cuisine and visited the open-air markets.  She also worked in Paris at a little bistro beside Notre Dame, where she would filet flounder table-side for the priests’ afternoon lunch.

After attending the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City, Annemarie cooked in the kitchen at Blue Hill and then went on to work as a personal assistant to Tom Colicchio, owner of Craft restaurant.  She volunteered at Union Square Farmers Market with her sister, teaching people how to use kohlrabi, among other ingredients.  She spent some time in Barcelona, helping to teach cooking classes at “Cook and Taste,” a little cooking school across from La Boqueria, her favorite food market.

In 2009, Annemarie moved to Maine to build a recreational cooking school, with the help of her family.  Salt Water Farm is the culmination of her experience in the food industry, her culinary travels, and a deep appreciation for traditional methods of cooking locally sourced ingredients.  Through the school, Annemarie shares the pleasures that come from sowing, growing, preserving, foraging, brewing, stewing as well as eating locally raised and farmed dishes.


De Acevedo Ramos

Assistant Cooking Class Instructor

Nicole was raised in Camden Maine, where her parents owned a small café and catering company the Blueberry Puffin.  Nicole spent much of her time in the kitchen with her parents, watching them cook and getting to try their creations.

After finishing school, Nicole worked for her mother and stepfather at their bistro, Jessica’s, in Rockland Maine, before venturing off to work on sailboats. She spent eight years with her husband working on a sailing yacht in Maine and in the Caribbean where she prepared food for charter guests, always mindfully using what was fresh and local from each island they sailed to.

After eight years, Nicole and her husband moved back to Camden to start a family, and she began working as a private chef for families in the area. In the winter, she lives in Argentina, where she spends lots of time cooking with friends and learning new recipes.

In her own kitchen, Nicole enjoys using local farms’ harvests, as well as using vegetables and herbs from her own gardens.  Among her favorite projects: breads and desserts.


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